Welcome To Modh Champaneri Vanik Gnyati Fund

This website is dedicated to the members of Modh Champaneri Vanik Gnyati , residing worldwide with the intention to keep each other connected, committed towards Samaj's progress and keep the new generation ahead.

This website is an online presentation of the Modh Champaneri Vanik Gnyati, Ahmedabad. "In today's era change is required for progress." Modh Champaneri Vanik Gnyati and its members also follow the same philosophy. The progress and prosperity of any Samaj depends on its members' awareness, education and dedication.

Even after facing a lot of difficulties and sacrificing everything rebuilding the self is the sign of the ancestors. Origin of Modh Champaneri Vanik Gnyati is Modhera, Gujarat. Due to assaults of Mughal Samrajya ancestors of this gnyati moved to Champaner, Pavagadh. Here also they had to face problems from Mughals and to save their lives ancestors moved in different parts of Gujarat like Surat, Baroda, Bharuch etc with the common name with them "Modh Champaner". Some of them settled in Ahmedabad and they named the gnyati "Amdavad ni Samast Modh Champaneri".

Initially there were very few families in this samaj, in Ahmedabad. And today this samaj has more than 1500 families with around 8,000 members. Education ratio of the samaj is more than 95%. Modh ChampaneriVanik Gnyati members have carved a niche for themselves in various areas such as Industries, Education, Social & Welfare, Hospitality, etc.