Samaj History
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વસ્તીપત્રક જ્ઞાતિ સભ્યો દ્વારા આપેલ માહીતીને આધારે પ્રસીધ્ધ કર​વામાં આવેલ છે. જે માહીતીની ખરાપણીની કોઇ ચકાસણી કરાવેલ નથી. તેથી આ માહીતી પુરાવારૂપ માન​વી નહી.

Samaj History

We, the "Gorwal's" are the migrated sects who have held a convention in the grazing field (Gochar Bhumi) of Village ‘Gol’. Following this, we started calling ourselves ‘GOLWAL’ , which over a period of time became ‘GORWAL’ (So the community name became ‘GORWAL AUDICHYA BRAHMIN’). The cluster of 22 villages where we brahmins started residing is known as ‘Bavisthan’. Five of villages placed in North of bavisthan are called 'Panchotri'.

Details of each of the villages is given below:
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